Sir Justin Dawson


  • Award Winning Audio Visual Professional

  • Producer & Presenter of All Things TechIE Podcast

  • Public Speaker and technology influencer

  • Founder of an Award Winning Media Outlet for Scouting & Guiding

  • Advocate for Autism Awareness & Understanding

Product Reviews

I do product review blogs and videos solely because of my fascination with technology and audio visualwhich verges on addiction.

It takes time to write an intelligent and unique review. I spend, on average, a few hours writing it, several hours testing the product plus the time it takes to take product shots, do videos, and evaluate and test the product itself.

Finding time to do this is difficult, so the compensation I receive is frequently only in the form of keeping the product. The result is a carefully crafted review that is helpful to my audience but also the brand. I will be completely honest in my reviews: where there are positives, there will also be negatives.


  • I will provide an honest review across the board
  • I will write about both positives and negatives about your hardware or software or website or service
  • If the sample must be returned, please ensure that there is ample time for me to review it AND provide return shipping
  • I will NOT take monetary payment for posting a review (unless as part of a sponsorship program and this is fully disclosed)
  • I will do my best to provide a timely review (especially with new product launches); however, some reviews may be queued for later release or until the product is fully reviewed

Previous Product Reviews

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