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AV Consultancy

As an Audio Visual and Technology consultant, I offer comprehensive support throughout every stage of your project, from concept to completion. Specializing in design, integration, installation, and ongoing tech support, I ensure seamless implementation and optimal performance for your audiovisual and technological needs.

Media Services

I specialise in providing comprehensive media services tailored to meet your broadcasting and content creation needs. From internet radio and live streaming with video to podcasting and radio imaging, I offer expertise in crafting compelling audio and visual content.

Tech Influencer

With extensive experience reporting on premier tech events in Europe and America, I bring captivating coverage and industry insights. Elevate your event with dynamic reporting that resonates worldwide. Secure my attendance now for unparalleled exposure and engagement. Let's make your conference unforgettable!

Product Reviews

With expertise in technology and audiovisuals, I thoroughly test each product. Expect honesty and depth in every assessment. Let's showcase your innovation to our engaged audience.

Web Design

I provide end-to-end web design services for CMS websites, taking projects from concept to completion. With a focus on user experience and visual appeal, I craft custom designs, integrate features, and optimise for search engines. Whether it's a personal blog or a corporate site, I ensure each project reflects my client's vision and delivers a polished online presence.

Autism Advocacy

As a parent of a pre-verbal 6-year-old son and with limited support from the Irish Health System, I've taken it upon myself to raise awareness and speak up for those who need it most. From print to radio to TV, I've shared our story and the challenges we face. But our work isn't done yet. Together, we can make a difference.

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With a deep understanding of technology trends and advancements, my consultancy offers invaluable insights into navigating the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Proven Track Record: Backed by a history of successful projects and satisfied clients, my consultancy brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Known for thinking outside the box, I provide innovative solutions tailored to each client's unique challenges, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

As a respected technology influencer, my recommendations carry weight in the industry, making you a trusted advisor for businesses seeking to stay ahead of the curve.

Leveraging my experience as a podcaster, I offer engaging and informative discussions on technology topics, making complex concepts accessible to a wide audience.

With a proven ability to captivate audiences at trade show conferences, my consultancy offers the added benefit of dynamic and compelling presentations on cutting-edge tech trends.

Whether it's through one-on-one consultations or large-scale speaking engagements, you excel at fostering meaningful discussions and providing actionable insights that drive results.